Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Winning Attitude

Athletes have used positive visualization for years. If it works for athletes, it will work for us, too. You see, we always move toward what we focus on. Just like skiing and driving a car. If we are focused on an object down the hill or road, we are sure to hit it. Success is a state of mind that anyone can use to climb his or her own personal mountains.

To feel good is not a selfish emotion. Instead, it is a necessary emotion if you wish to be highly productive. A personal sense of well being and contentment is a worthy, often overlooked goal. To learn to think positively we need to become aware of all our thoughts. Many times we are unaware of having negative thoughts. Once aware, write them down and do a reality check. Frequently, these thoughts have no validity.

We can now go on to replace these non-truths with positive affirmations. For example, “I am a capable person.”; “I can learn from my mistakes.”; “People like me for who I am.” With positive affirmations, we can avoid taking insults, rudeness, sarcasm or criticism personally. The positive attitude helps us avoid stress. Others will enjoy our company